Welcome to Poogles Corner!

 Poogles Corner is a family operated education project located in Berkshire.

•The Poogles Corner Project was born out of our family passion and love for animals. Some of our residents were rescued and we gave them a safe home in the company of others. We ended up having so many little and big friends that we are now happy to share them as an educational project.

Poogles Corner is located on private grounds. The project differs from a normal business in that our proceeds go toward maintaining the good standards, care and food that our animals receive.

•A small selection of animals live at Poogles Corner ranging from Ducks, Peacocks, and Llamas to Goats and other, more unusual animals such as rare primates. The Squirrel and Capuchin monkeys, White fronted moneys, Black cap Squirrel monkey, Olive cap Squirrel monkeys and common Marmosets are among our residents.

We offer guided, educational group visits aimed at offering students a chance to come face to face and get aquainted with the animals in an exciting and informative way. 

Approved by local authorities, the animals are accessible, but not dangerous, giving that extra bit of contact which makes interactions and learning memorable and fun!